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The Collective of Performing Arts Distributors of Catalonia | CDAEC, is a network of professionals dedicated to the distribution and intermediation in the field of performing arts, united in defending the needs and rights of this profession and working towards standardized work criteria.


1. Description of the role of the distributor:

  • Distributors are mediators offering support between artistic productions and programming entities, accompanying the creative process and facilitating the insertion in the arts markets.

  • They can work on a local, national and / or international scope and support artists or companies from all around the world.

  • They define the singularity, coherence and criteria of their artistic guidelines.

  • They can work as freelancers or within a structure or company.


2. Remuneration:

  • Distributors receive a specified fixed and / or variable remuneration related to or independent of the results of the distribution.

  • Upon agreement with the artist, they can arrange additional services with separate remuneration.


3. Basic skills:

  • Advice on the activities and conception of a distribution strategy.

  • Support of visibility and promotion.

  • Negotiation and conclusion of contracting agreements.

  • Intermediation between artists and programming entities.


4. Qualities: 

Constructive criticism, knowledge of the sector, adaptability, empathy and commitment, communication and relational skills.


5. Relations with the artists: 

Constant dialogue and coordination with the artists. Creation of relationships of trust giving value to the work done and not only to the results.


6. Relations with the programmer / market: 

Valuable involvement in the artistic process to enable adequate integration into the market. Establishing links and relationships based on transparency and community.




Strengthening cooperation and exchange between the players in the cultural sector to define general guidelines for ethical, careful and respectful work. Full commitment for the further expansion of the association in order to create common foundations by pooling resources, ideas and motivations and to question the practices of our profession. Creation of a space for reflection in current situations of change and transition.

  • Achieve better working conditions.
  • Development of a basic contract model.

  • Recognition of the value of our work, regardless of the measurable success of a piece on the market.

  • Creation of a mission statement with basic economic parameters.

  • Having a presence in artistic productions from the beginning, both in the communication with institutions and in the budgets of the artists.

  • Defend the interests of distributors, taking into account the huge diversity of working models.

  • Establish mutual relationships with other entities in the industry as well as public administrations.

  • Reflect on the future of the profession.

  • Strengthening community and collaboration with and among distributors through models of collaboration and inclusion.


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